Monthly Archives: November 2012

Coming Soon – Drag and Drop

In the next version of Silent Sifter, we added new drag and drop support for configuring your inputs and outputs. […]

Coming Soon – Multiple iPhoto Library Support

With the recently released iPhoto 9.3, Apple made it much easier to maintain separate iPhoto Libraries. This is great news […]

Customization Recipe – Folders by type/camera/date

Here is one application for how you might use Silent Sifter to organize your files. You may not realize this, […]

Auto-Open Silent Sifter When You Connect Your Camera

If you would like Silent Sifter to automatically open when you connect a Camera, SD Card, iOS device, etc, you […]

Site Upgrade

Please bear with us while we upgrade the Vector15 website, folks. It will take some time for us to get […]