Silent Sifter

Organizing Sidecar, GPX, and Documents with Silent Sifter

Sometimes you need to organize more than just photos and videos. With Silent Sifter 3.0, we make it easy for […]

Moving from Aperture to a Simple Folder Structure

If you want to move from an all-in-one Aperture library to a simple folder structure, or even a referenced Aperture […]

Silent Sifter 2.9 – Comparing Inputs, Outputs, and Duplicates

In Silent Sifter 2.9, we’ve made it much easier to understand what Silent Sifter has done with your files, by […]

Silent Sifter 2.8 – Removing Original Files After Sift

We heard you. It’s here. In Silent Sifter 2.8, at popular request, we’ve added support for removing original files after […]