SnapSifter is an easy way to keep your photos organized by snapping them directly to an album.

Keep ideas separate from receipts, and family photos separate from gift ideas.

Be organized from the start.

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What do you take pictures of?

SnapSifter - organizing the chaos

Photos aren’t just of things you might print out and put in an album anymore. No, now you take photos of all kinds of things because it’s easier than writing them down.

Like what?

  • Son’s soccer game
  • Business card from lunch today
  • Lunch from today
  • The receipt from lunch today
  • The sunset on the way home
  • Daughter’s homework assignment
  • Son’s Lego creation
  • The shoes you want to research online
  • The sign for the 5k run you want to do
  • The tile samples for the bathroom floor project
  • Gift ideas for your Son’s birthday
  • Shoe sizes for you son and daughter
  • Family photos from the last holiday

A camera for every occasion

What if you had a camera that was just for Receipts?

And another for products you had seen in the store (but didn’t want to buy at that moment)…and another just for business cards…and maybe one for your children’s crafts?

That might be nice.

It would make finding a receipt much easier, or a business card.

It would make clearing space off your phone much faster. You could just clear all of the photos from receipts, if they weren’t needed anymore.

How to use

Snap Sifter - camera list instructions

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