Quick Start Guide

How do I start?

This section is here as a quick intro on how to get things working. It’s not a replacement for the more detailed documentation, but hopefully it will give you a jumpstart. More detailed information is included in the other sections of this document.

So what’s this thing do?

Snap Sifter is designed to import photos and videos from your digital cameras and smartphones, as well as SD Cards from digital cameras.

Snap Sifter will detect these devices when they are connected, find all of the photos and videos you have, and then it will copy those files into an organized folder structure within your Pictures directory. Without duplicates, without fuss. It will do this automatically.

Great, what do I do to start?

Follow the instructions below, and you should be off and running in no time.

The Fine Print

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Technical Requirements
Development Notice
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Step 1: Launch

Launch SnapSifter on your Mac

The first step is to Launch SnapSifter on your Mac.

Once you have downloaded SnapSifter form the Mac App Store, it will be installed in your Applications directory. Just find the application ‘SnapSifter’ and launch it.

Step 2: Connect Devices

Connect devices to your Mac that you want to import files from

The second step is to connect devices to your Mac.

This typically means connecting a smartphone via USB cable, or a camera via USB cable, or an SD Card into the SD Card slot.

Once you have connected the device, Snap Sifter will detect the device and begin importing.

Connecting digital cameras
Connecting smartphones
Connecting SD Cards

Step 3: Sift

SnapSifter will automatically import all of your files

Once you have connected devices to your Mac, and SnapSifter has recognized them, it will immediately begin importing the files and organizing them.

Files will be pulled from the input devices, processed, deduplicated, and copied into the SnapSifter folder in your Pictures folder.

How do I know it is running?
How do I know when it is done?
How does it organize the files?
What if the same photo is already in the folder?
What if there is a different photo with the same name in the folder?
Will it delete the files off of the camera?

Step 4: Viewing Results

Viewing imported files

Once SnapSifter has imported all of the files, you can view the SnapSifter directory at ~/Pictures/SnapSifter.

Opening SnapSifter folder using the Status menu
Opening SnapSifter folder using the Notification